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Friday, January 27, 2012

Canadian Nationalism...the Stupidest of the Nationalisms

I don't get all the flag waving jingoism and happiness someone feels for being part of a "nation." I don't get it. There's something that irks me a bit when I see it, like when those people have those soccer tournaments and the streets get filled up with all sorts of flag wavers and their flags, especially the German flag-wavers, there's something so "Deutschland! Deutschland ΓΌber alles!" about the whole thing that really just irks me.

Americans are known to be super-nationalistic, with their eagles and stars, and shit...but, if you ask almost any Canadian person they'll tell you that "Canada is better than the United States." I've lived here all my life, and I must say that Canadians are as nationalistic if not more than any country on earth. They take pride in their...uh...um...I don't know...they take pride in something about their nation. They are proud of being "polite" and "nice" it seems. Canadians seem to have this smug, snobby attitude that they are more cultured than Americans, or that they are more civil than Americans and other nations.

Take this stupid fucking picture for example,

This is circulating around the net lately, and it is supposed to prove the long believed myth that Canada is some sort of utopia where everyone is polite and friendly...even the cops. Give me a break, I live in a city where innocent civilians are murdered every few months by police, and I've been beaten up by police on numerous occasions. In the words of NWA...Fuck Da Police.

Did you know? In 2005, The United Nations published a report reprimanding Montreal police for arresting close to 2,000 protesters between the years 1999 and 2005. (http://hour.ca/2005/11/10/pig-roast/)

Did you know? In 2007 at the Montebello protests, Quebec police admitted to dressing their officers in masks and ordered them to start being violent so they make the peaceful protesters appear violent and give other officers reason to arrest them? What a bunch of dorks. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAfzUOx53Rg)

Did you know? In 2010, Toronto police arrested over 900 people during the G-20 summit and locked them all in makeshifts prisons? Where they kept them uncharged, stripped them naked (women included) and locked them up? (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/g8-g20/news/g20-related-mass-arrests-unique-in-canadian-history/article1621198/)

There's a lot more. I remember reading a very old article (early 1900s I think, I gotta find it again), that I can't seem to find now, where the Chief of the Montreal police called in veteran officers from New York to teach their men discipline. The Montreal police were abducting random women, keeping them in the holding cells, and taking turns raping them. (I'll add the link if I re-find it, consider it heresy, for now I guess).


I hate it when Canadians say that Americans are such war-wongers while they are such sophisticated angels. Canada loves war just as much as any nationalistic nation does. One might rationalize it as,

"Ya but, Canada doesn't do warring though...they do peacekeeping!"

This is such bullshit, the only people who join the army are psychopaths. There is no such thing as a "peaceful" soldier. Canada has this group of mal-adjusted anti-social maniacs who want to go kill people, and they send them into international conflicts to "keep the peace." How does a psycho keep peace? What they more likely do is get to the war torn third world nation and join in the ragnarok of death and violence that is ensuing.

Take Somalia in 1993, where Canada sent "peace keepers" to help improve the war torn country. Somalia was in an economic collapse, food was scarce, and rival gangs were fighting for political power. That's a fucked up situation...and it got a whole lot more fucked up when Canada sent in their "peace keepers."

The following photos are very gruesome...but this is reality...not fantasy. These following photos depict "peace keeping" ...

Canadians "peace keeping"

Check it out mom...I totally murdered a kid for Canada!

a very proud of himself, Kyle Brown

Sadistic maniacs Clayton Matchee, Kyle Brown, and other Canadians troops found a teenager named Shidane Arone hiding in a bathroom stall at the neighboring American base, and dragged him back to the Canadian camp where they proceeded to torture and murder him. 

The worst thing he could have possibly been doing was stealing (if anything). In a famine food is scarce, and the Western military bases had more than enough supplies. Even if he was stealing some rations...did he really deserve to be beaten, tortured, killed, and photographed by Canadian monsters?

When Canada reprimanded it's "peace keepers," some who took part were demoted, some were released from duty, and one went to jail for one year. Canada is very humanitarian on murderers.

Please don't tell me how great a nation Canada is because of its "peace keeping," it makes me physically sick when people say that.


Canada right now is administered by a red necked religious zealot (an Evangelical Christian), who would put any American bible-belt red-neck whacko to shame. It is a regressive backward traditionalist nation, which is actually far less progressive than the United States.

Riddle me this smart people...when will Canada have its first non-white leader? Probably never, because Canadians are more racist than Americans and will never vote for a black person (or any other non-honkey for that matter).

There's also another "nation" in Canada, called Quebec, where the people are as nationalistic and flag waving as Canadians except they do it in french. They use a flower on their flag instead of a leaf...it's all foliage to me though. Stupid flag foliage.

For the record, I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada...but I'm not proud of either Canada or Quebec. No offense or nothing...I'm just not big on nationalism in general, that's all.

Lachez vos drapeau...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Video Games that were Supposed to Exist but Don't....but Should (you know what I mean?)

There's things you hap upon on the internet at times that appear to be too hot to handle. Things that appear so hot it's like the sun bled them out.

My goodness. What is this? An adventure style video game set during "the hottest day of the year" starring Rudy Ray Moore, Timothy Leary, Ivan Stang, Mark Mothersbaugh, and hot chicks.

It looks like they took the Towering Inferno, the Disco Godfather, the Bad Day on the Midway, through in some strippers, aliens, and zombies...liquified it in a blender, filled a hypodermic needle with the liquid, injected it directly into their eyeballs...and then made a video game.

Where do I buy this? Nowhere. Even if you get a 3DO emulator and scour the entire internet for the ROM you will never ever be able to play this game. It seems to exist but it doesn't. It's just a shadow of reality, it is there yet not even freakin' there.

Damn it, why aren't people making stuff like this? What's going on with the video game industry? Some companies are churning out the new seasons of the sports games which are the same exact game they released the year before except the title has incremented by one numeric unit. Other companies are making the lamest emo garbage that can only appeal to girls who want to suck off shirtless vampires. While other companies are making games for young teenage psychopaths who want to join the army and kill people, letting them live out their deranged fantasies of shooting up their school. Damn it, damn it, damn it...why don't these effin' companies put some damn WEIGHT ON IT!

If I was running the video game industry I would change a lot of shit. I would get all those companies mentioned above together and go..."Hey, did any one of you dumbasses realize that no one has ever made a Dolemite video game? Do you realize that Rudy Ray Moore died four years ago...and none of you have honored him buy making a Dolemite video game? Can all of you please stop making garbage and put some god damn WEIGHT ON IT!?"
Your weight? PUT IT ON IT!

Those jabronies at EA should stop production of Madden '13 and get on making Dolemite '76. Those complete weirdos at Squaresoft should scrap the concept art for their next androgynous protagonist and get Yoshitaka Amano to put some weight on his hand and start drawing Dolemites day and night! Those morons making murder games for troubled youths should allocate all their resources to developing Dolemite Online. 

Now that he's gone, no one can make a video game starring Rudy Ray Moore as Captain Crispy and make him put out the great Chicago Fire whilst fending off aliens, zombies, hot womens, and government conspiracies. And you know what? That's a crime against humanity.

You know who is still alive? Mark Mothersbaugh, and Ivan Stang. It wouldn't hurt to get these two involved in some sort of gamin' project. Mark has already worked on the music of video games such as Crash Bandicoot, Sims 2, and Jak and Dexter. They should give him loads of money to make one (not just the music) and see what they get.

Honorable Mention

This game, Crab Nicholson Extreme Sleepover Text Adventure, seems to exist. Yet, same as with Duelin' Firemen it really doesn't. Something of this nature should exist by all means, and it is a shame that it is a just a hypothetical concept of a video game.

Lo! Luck would have it in this case, that someone noticed that this should exist and took it upon themselves to make it so for the benefit of humanity (which is the only right and sane thing to do when a situation of this nature presents itself).

You can download for free and play Crab Nicholson Extreme Sleepover Text Adventure, and if you manage to finish the game you will be pleasantly surprised with how cool the ending is. (Download: Click Here)