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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Political Bunk 101

I took a political science class at school one time and received a grade of 17/100 in the class. I think some of the things I wrote about in the essay questions weren't that bad and I probably deserved at least a 30% grade if not a passing grade. The only question I remember getting right on the exam was the one that wasn't a flexible answer, the question was "what do the acronyms WMD and MAD stand for" (answer: Weapons of Mass Destruction and Mutually Assured Destruction). Every other question I got a smooth zero (0) on.
Words...on a line. Ok. There's a "Left" and a "Right" side...ok I see....I think?

The main point of contention that I had with the teacher was that Communism was not the opposite of Fascism. People seem to think in "political science" that these are polarized opposites but they are not. Here, let us count some of the ways that they are "different":

-In a communist society the government comes before the people while in a fascist society the government comes before the people.

-In a communist society the government owns all property and the citizens own nothing while in a fascist society the government owns everything and the people own nothing.

-In a communist society the head of state has total control while in a fascist society the head of state has total control.

Sarcasm aside, they are not very different at all. In fact to reduce it to it's simplest terms, I'd put it like this: "Communism" and "Fascism" are just fancy words to dress up your dictatorship to make it seem like it's some hip shit that's gonna be good for your and my future.

The two main historic examples that we can draw from are Stalin's USSR and Hitler's Nazi Germany...two of the worst dictatorships in history.

Nazi Germany is the one the stupidest things that ever happened in human history. Through extensive propaganda and nationalistic fervor, one of the most dangerous governments formed into existence. You really have to wonder how a whole society of people put up with this, not only put up with it mind you...but thought it was in their best wishes. Hitler convinced the people with very very little too. If you read his "work" Mein Kampf, right off the bat you can see how ridiculous it is...none of his proof for eugenics or any other bullshit he's trying to prove makes any sense at all.

Basically, Hitler read two books in his life I think (judging from the lameness of his shtick)...he read a book about the history and folklore of India and then he read the philosophy writings of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. I know he read about India because half of his shtick is ripped off from Indian culture, his dream of the "Aryan Race" is directly taken from theories of that era of how a group named the "Aryans" supposedly conquered Ancient Harappa India and ushered in a new period,

"The Aryans, or Vedic civilization were a new start in Indian culture. Harappa was more or less a dead end (at least as far as we know); the Aryans adopted almost nothing of Harappan culture. They built no cities, no states, no granaries, and used no writing. Instead they were a warlike people that organized themselves in individual tribal, kinship units, the jana. The jana was ruled over by a war-chief. These tribes spread quickly over northern India and the Deccan. In a process that we do not understand, the basic social unit of Aryan culture, the jana, slowly developed from an organization based on kinship to one based on geography. The jana became a janapada, or nation and the jana-rajya , or tribal kingdom, became the jana-rajyapada, or national kingdom. So powerfully ingrained into Indian culture is the jana-pada , that Indians still define themselves mainly by their territorial origins. All the major territories of modern India, with their separate cultures and separate languages, can be dated back to the early jana-padas of Vedic India.


So that fucking guy read about some lizard-brained mongoloid bullies who turned India into a wartorn dictatorship and thought it would be a good idea to try that in Europe. He stole the name "Aryan" and also the Four Sevens symbol (or swastika as the nazis called it) from Vedic India. Then he read Nietzsche's theory of Ubërmensche, completely missed the point, and used it to fuel a pseudo-scientific eugenic fervor...and that's all it took to win over the German people. Fuck. That's sad. You gotta keep your mind awake.

Stalin's USSR is one of the stupidest things that ever happened in human history. Through extensive propaganda and nationalistic fervor, one of the most dangerous governments formed into existence. You really have to wonder how a whole society of people put up with this, not only put up with it mind you...but thought it was in their best wishes. Stalin convinced the people of Russia with very little too. He simply took credit for a mass workers revolt (the real credit lies with the millions who took up arms against their oppressors), changed his name to "Iron" and then proclaimed himself leader. He only read one book, Karl Marx's "Das Kapital", totally missed the point of what Marx was trying to say, and used it to build his propaganda template. Oh, and he ordered the deaths of an estimated 20 million good folks too...which is not very polite.

Pretty similar I must say.

So what should be the "opposites" that we think about when it comes to politics? A good one proposed is Free Society vs. Totalitarian Society. A free society is where information is free to all people, and they are encouraged to think, invent, and create. While on the other end, the opposite of a free society would be a lizard brained mongoloid totalitarian dictatorship.

So if you are thinking that you should be "left wing" because it is the opposite of being "right wing" then please consider that communism and fascism are just words...and so are "left" and "right" for that matter.

After Thought (Jan. 19, 2012): I mentioned that Hitler likely learned of the "Aryan Race" from Indian History books, yet it appears he more likely found out about that silliness from the writings of the horrible woman, Madame Blavatsky, who wrote in her stupid books about this. She also used the 4-sevens symbol in her logo. The Nazi party in general were really into every kind of stupid and childish ways of thinking.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

True, brother, true...

"You know, sometimes I get the feeling that, that, uh, accountants and lawyers are in cahoots with the devil, yee-ah, they're in cahoots with the devil to cover the Earth...cover the earth with this wretched swill. A swill of gutless, mediocre, middle of the road, sleep-inducin', homogenized pablum, background music for the slavery of daily drudgery. 

Sometimes I get that feeling...but I KNOW IT'S A LIE! I KNOW IT'S NOT TRUE! I know it's not true, and I'm talking to Arthur Conley now! Arthur Conley I'm talking to ya! I'm saying Arthur where are ya!? We need you to help us Arthur! We need ya to help us sing!!!!!!

Ya! We gotta-gotta-gotta-gotta-gotta-gotta-gotta HAVE MORE SOUL!"

-Mojo Nixon

I love this song. I keep it my phone and when I'm doing jobs that can be considered as slave-like, boring, even described as literal daily drudgery...I love it when this song pops into my ears. He sets it up so well...you're standing there doing some boring shit and Moj is all like "homogenized pablum! Sleep inducin'!" and I'm like "Ya! I know what you fucking mean brotha!!" and at that moment you are totally one hundred percent down with the notion that a person knows exactly how you feel. Then he switches gears and bursts right through the boring shittiness and tells you that "It's not TRUE!" that it's a fucking "LIE!" and you start feeling your shit brewing up in your soul and your soul is your friend...you gotta take care of your friends! Your soul is a cool guy/lady who digs sweet Soul Music...that good soul music! Your soul can really turn it out and turn it loose, and switch mic-holdin' hands with the greatest of human ease and with such seemless lateral movement! Then you heed his advice and look into to your heart and summon up the spirit of Arthur Conley and feel your heart and brain fill with adrenaline and then friday comes along and you punch out and you get a 12 pack of beers and call up all your fucking friends and go downtown and get down and feel alive and come home with two black eyes and you don't even remember or care how you got'em cause you know it was probably pretty fucking cool anyhow......YEAH! Life is a sweet fruit and life is an oyster! You know!?

......then monday comes.

Help me Moj! Help me Please!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thinking about my brain...

I got to thinking about my brain today and I think that...

All visual memories are from how light hit your eyes at different shades/photon levels and then that light(s) are encoded by color and saved in very specific cells spread throughout varying areas of the brain (not one specific portion of the brain). These visual memories of varied light experiences then meld with your audio and tactile memories to form whole memories or "scenes" of your past.

I think there's a big part of your brain which is used to invision the world inside your own head, so you can draw up mental maps to recall locations or directions...but also to create situational circumstances to play out possible outcomes of everyday occurrences. This "invisioning" part is also where your imagination stems from...you can mix your memories with things that do not exist to invision strange and unreal locations/situations. The brain is constantly creating memories and plugging those memories into the "invisioning" portion in order to compare, contrast, and figure things out. You need to draw from all your experiences and memories to invision situations properly in order to know how to react when they become apparent in everyday life.

Unfortunately, the fact that your memories and imagination are so closely intertwined means that many people convulute and lie to themselves about the past, present and future.

I think a part of your brain releases endorphins as your personal painkiller and remembering stimulating scenes from your life is a very easy way to trigger these endorphins. For me the whole invisioning/re-creating/endorphin sector of the brain seems to be near the scalp at the back right portion of my head...I don't know if this is the same for everyone and I would think that since everyone is saving their incoming input data in the first available cell at the given time, then theoretically every brain could have been encoded differently over the rearing stages of life.
Probably not true...

I don't think there is any evidence for people who talk about being "Left" or "Right" brained...that is a really common theory but I don't think it's true...that noodle in yer skull is more complex then that. I'm not sure that neuroscientists who mapped out the brain using prods and "burned toast" sensations may have made conclusive findings.

Just some thoughts on the brain...you know. That's all. I don't know if I'm right or anything...just that's how mine feels I guess.