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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thinking about my brain...

I got to thinking about my brain today and I think that...

All visual memories are from how light hit your eyes at different shades/photon levels and then that light(s) are encoded by color and saved in very specific cells spread throughout varying areas of the brain (not one specific portion of the brain). These visual memories of varied light experiences then meld with your audio and tactile memories to form whole memories or "scenes" of your past.

I think there's a big part of your brain which is used to invision the world inside your own head, so you can draw up mental maps to recall locations or directions...but also to create situational circumstances to play out possible outcomes of everyday occurrences. This "invisioning" part is also where your imagination stems from...you can mix your memories with things that do not exist to invision strange and unreal locations/situations. The brain is constantly creating memories and plugging those memories into the "invisioning" portion in order to compare, contrast, and figure things out. You need to draw from all your experiences and memories to invision situations properly in order to know how to react when they become apparent in everyday life.

Unfortunately, the fact that your memories and imagination are so closely intertwined means that many people convulute and lie to themselves about the past, present and future.

I think a part of your brain releases endorphins as your personal painkiller and remembering stimulating scenes from your life is a very easy way to trigger these endorphins. For me the whole invisioning/re-creating/endorphin sector of the brain seems to be near the scalp at the back right portion of my head...I don't know if this is the same for everyone and I would think that since everyone is saving their incoming input data in the first available cell at the given time, then theoretically every brain could have been encoded differently over the rearing stages of life.
Probably not true...

I don't think there is any evidence for people who talk about being "Left" or "Right" brained...that is a really common theory but I don't think it's true...that noodle in yer skull is more complex then that. I'm not sure that neuroscientists who mapped out the brain using prods and "burned toast" sensations may have made conclusive findings.

Just some thoughts on the brain...you know. That's all. I don't know if I'm right or anything...just that's how mine feels I guess.

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