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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rating (some of) the Religions of the World

Christianity/Judaism/Muslim (the Triple Threat)

Seperated at birth
These 3 are pretty much the same thing, Christianity and Judaism's old testament are the same stories word for word even. Judaism doesn't use the Deluxe Edition version with the stories that include the Savior like Christianity and Muslimanity do...but that's about it.

The Savior Shtick (Jesus/Muhammad) is actually stolen from the Hindu religion's story of Krishna (and apparently they stole it from the story of Gilgamesh).

Pros for the Triple Threat

-Parables galore amongst these stories, and some of them are really good too (Prodigal Son etc.) that can teach kids valuable life lessons.

Oh shit guy! Thanks for the lift !
-Instilling fear in you. You can make kids stop being bad and destructive to themselves or others by telling them they'll burn in hell for eternity and it works. Though, the Santa Claus Gift Rewardal System for being good probably works better anyway.

-Helps fight loneliness, I like that picture where the dude is being carried on the beach but there's footprints appearing under him...that means someone is always with you and that someone is that nice guy Jesus.

-Helps the bereavement process. It's always nice to know that no one really dies...they just go away and you'll see them again down the line.

-Creates healthy communities. Parishes, Synagogues and Mosques are a great place to chill with likeminded fellows and ladies, meet your future wife/husband, exchange business cards, etc.

-The Jewish Talmud is a great historic collection of data and philosophy from many years and years of Rabbinic discussions. It is far more philosophical and interesting the other books in the Triple Threat.

Cons for the Triple Threat
-They teach that you cannot question "God" and they put a limit on knowledge. I think this was an ammendment to the texts added by rulers and kings in later years so that no one questioned them (as they were appointed by god as they claimed). I wouldn't be surprised if the Adam and Eve shtick which basically tells you not to think or try and attain knowledge was added to the texts by some ruler at some point in history to make his/her subjects dumber.

-Jesus and Mohammad are supposed to come back at some point and some crazies think they are taking some people back with them and MURDERING everyone else. This is too much...

-It divides people. Even though they are plagiarized versions of older texts and that Christianity and Muslimanity are the same exact shtick...it doesn't mean Christians and Muslims aren't killing or hating each other.

-A lot has changed since this data was written. Back then it probably enlightened millions and made millions of people brighter, but today we've come a long way, and for the most part this data is somewhat obsolete now.

-Some antiquated laws, that should be abolished, survive thanks to belief in these texts. When you consult the literacy rate for women in Muslim countries (which is staggeringly low in some parts, Afghanistan has a 19% female literacy these days) it is not hard to figure out that the rights of females are greatly hindered by antiquated Muslim laws.

Similarly in Judaism...the population control practice of castrating children so they do not mate and make more humans was kept alive symbolically in the dick-cutting circumcision tradition (in which a dude bites off or cuts off the foreskin of a baby's penis). This is a tradition that doesn't really need to stay in practice. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

-It can be construed into nihilism (not caring about any consequences of your actions). I remember going to "confession" as a kid where God forgives all your sins...I mean if God forgives all sinners...why should anyone care about what they do to others? Nihilism is real fucking stupid.

Final Overall Score: 2/10
They got some good parables and whatnot but they are hack plagiarism and somewhat boring.


Two good "Savior" characters
Hinduism and it's data is where a lot of the above religions robbed their stuff from so it is automatically better than those right of the bat. Not only those three religions above are based off Hindu texts but so is something far more important...Dragon Ball is also based off of Ancient Hindu Texts. The Hindu Deity/Superhero Hanuman the Monkey King was the inspiration for China's Sun Wukong (of Journey to the West fame) and in turn Sun Wukong was the inspiration for Gokuu.

If you really read some of this Hindu stuff, it is pretty good man. They believed the Universe was limitless and ever expanding from the get-go. The triple-threat religions still believe that the earth is like 5000 years old or some ridiculous number. Hindu spoke of the big bang where everything groups up and then blows up an infinite amount of cyclical times....and they did it way before today's scientists started even thinking about that. To believe you live in an ever expanding oscillating universe growing like an inflating balloon is more fun than believing some dude made you.

Pros for Hinduism

-No self-imposed limit on acquiring knowledge

-Very open and enlightening view of the universe

-Great stories make up the Ramayana, the Bhagavad Vita, and the Mahabharata which were spread the world over and re-used/re-packaged to start up some other religions.

Cons for Hinduism

She loves the Caste System and so do you!
-Much like the above religions this shtick is VERY OLD and was never updated as society became more self aware and as new technologies changed the dynamic of life. People in India will still vote for people who claim they are divine incarnations of Hindu Deities and that's very sad.

-The whole divine shtick in itself is responsible for a horrible caste system in India which still exists today. People are born as heavenly graced people...while others are born from families who do not have this arbitrary distinction. People born into low castes are never allowed to advance and are sold into slavery (where these kids make your clothes and your hand-woven area rugs) or brothels if they are female. Smashing this religion apart could likely smash the caste system apart too...theoretically.

If they didn't believe in this silly little religion, they wouldn't believe they are worthless.

Final Overall Score: 5.5/10
Great Universe stuff...but...really bad "divine" and "non-divine" caste business.


The Buddhism started in India too and spread in the east and now even in the west pretty well. It is a very philosophical religion and is very interesting to read through.

Basically, this guy Buddha was born into a wealthy noble family but wanted something more out of life (i.e. mental peace of mind) and threw away all his shit to become a beggar. He meditated all day in hopes of destroying his wants and needs and achieving an enlightened state of mind. He started a monastery where he taught some of his cool sutras (love, diamond, etc.) to some other folks and they in turn taught some others and so on right down line until today. He wanted to see what caused "suffering" in the mind and decided that if you never wanted, needed, or wanted to gain anything then you could trick yourself into being a pretty happy person.
Being worshiped as an idol? Whatever, it's cool guys.

He was then transformed into a "Savior" character which is very sad because it goes against all of his teachings. People worship Buddha now just as a person in the triple-threat religions worships God. The "Journey to the West" story mentioned above (though it is a very entertaining yet a fantastically long story) was the kicker that placed Buddhism ahead of Taoism in the great religion race in China, and it sadly presents Buddhism similar to Hinduism or any religion based off Hinduism...where Buddha lives in "heaven" as a watchful God. Some aspects were kept intact, the aspect of wanting and needing nothing is a big factor in the story but the Deification of Buddha in Journey to the West may have really ruined the teachings for many generations to follow.

Pros for Buddhism

-Probably the most philosophically interesting religion they got going these days. Reading some of this stuff is really fun. All Eastern religions are good, reading Confucius and his stuff and the Tao (though very mystical in nature) are good too.

Cons for Buddhism

-Makes people really passive and takes the fight out of them a bit.

-The Deification of Buddha reduces the religion to being similar or exact to the other "God" and "Savior" religions.

Final Overall Score: 7/10
Very interesting but some of the shtick is just silly loop questions and silly little statements...like "what is the sound of a tree falling in the woods with no one around it" type stuff.

Mythological, Personal, (etc.)

Greek myths, Roman Myths, Haiti Voodoo myths, African myths...etc. All the above religions fall into this category as well. These are all stories and parables involving different super human deities. The cool thing about Greek myth for example is the the Deities all have faults and give in to temptations and that makes them surprisingly human in nature instead of super human.

The fact that any story can be a religion that someone can live their life by is pretty interesting actually. That being said, that any story can be a religion means that Ghostbusters, Fraggle Rock, and anything else can be a guide for people to live their lives. You can gain inspiration from anything really and you just gotta find one that suits you and it can be a mixture of millions of texts if you really wanted it to be. We live in an information golden age where we can ask any question about anything to the great Talmud which is the internet...we can read and gain knowledge about just about anything. This information golden age is also a religious golden age as well because we can gain comfort, piece of mind, and inspiration from an unlimited amount of sources.

Final Overall Score: 9.5/10
Read a lot of stuff, ask a lot questions...make your belief structure your own thing.

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